Our COVID-19 Policy

At Sexsmith Self Storage your health and safety are our top priority and we have taken steps to ensure our facility is safe to use. Here’s a list of the systems we’ve put in place:

  • More rigorous cleaning and sanitization of door handles, counters, keypads
  • With respect to social distancing we are allowing only one customer or vendor at a time in our office.
  • Our staff schedule has been reduced so that we now only ever have one staff member working at a time. (We continue to pay our valued staff full wages.)
  • We have gloves and hand sanitizer in our office for customer use.
  • We have large freestanding plexiglass barriers on our office counters.
  • We have installed a new touchless hand dryer in our customer washroom.

Take care – these are trying times for all of us, but we will get through this.

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